What we’re about

Revolution provides employer-of-record payroll and related services for all types of entertainment productions, including feature films, television, commercials, music videos, digital, and live events. Some of our key services include union and non-union payroll processing, healthcare administration, labor compliance, tax incentive support, production referral services, as well as entertainment time card & production software.
The company was founded with a bold ambition - to revolutionize how an entertainment payroll company services its clients and to create an environment where clients will spend less time worrying about payroll related matters and more time doing what they love most: creating exhilarating content and building their business.
Hiring, firing, regulatory compliance, healthcare administration, understanding collective bargaining agreements, state and local sick leave laws!? It’s painful, and none of this has anything to do with exhibiting a creative vision to the audience. And yet, every production—big or small—must deal with these issues... and the work is soul crushing.
In working with and listening to hundreds of production personnel, from accountants to producers, we’ve learned that what you want most is help in reducing complexity with payroll and accounting, help in managing the constantly changing rules and regulations, and a certainty that the systems work. You want one place to go, one provider, where you can process payroll, offer benefits, have reliable people handling your account, and have assurance that your most precious resource—your people—are getting paid timely and accurately.
Yes, we will offer you great software using cutting-edge technology. Yes, we will handle your payroll. Yes, we will offer you competitive rates. But all these bells and whistles are meaningless if we don’t offer you the basics. And that’s exceptional service, with honesty and integrity.
Our slogan is simply “we do more.” So, welcome to the Revolution.