Payroll Funding Process

Drawdown from a Deposit
  • Pre-fund as many weeks of payroll as you like.
  • Union mandated deposits cannot be drawn from without written approval from the Union.
Wire Transfers
  • Wire transfers must be received and confirmed to be available by Thursday for timely payment of direct deposits with a Friday pay date.
  • Don’t forget to notify your paymaster of the amount and the associated invoice.
ACH Debit Payments
  • Available to Revolution Finance approved clients.
  • Funds must be received and confirmed to be available on Wednesday to ensure that deposits are available in employee accounts by Friday.
Distributing checks and vouchers to employees
  • Once a payroll is processed, all checks and vouchers are available for printing.
  • These items can be printed at our offices and can be held for pickup, mailed to employees, or shipped to the production office.
  • We offer remote check printing to approved productions so that checks can be printed at the production office.

Download our Payroll Processing and
Funding Schedule document

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